We build the crucial infrastructures that millions of people depend on every day.

We go above and beyond to meet the needs of our clients and keep the Chicago-area moving–because we know what movement means to you.

who we are

Movement means travel and commerce. Movement means community and growth. Movement means life. At OMEGA, we build what keeps you moving.

We are diverse forward thinkers

Here at OMEGA, we believe in diverse perspectives and forward-thinking, allowing us to creatively solve for our projects better than anyone else.

Our engineering positions:

Chicago grown

"Being part of projects impacting my home here in the Chicago area is something I take pride in. It’s a pretty rewarding feeling being able to look at some of these massive projects and tell my kids, ‘Hey-- I helped build this and because of it, people are getting to where they need to go faster"
John Sadler, PE

OMEGA was born and raised in Chicagoland, which means we understand the unique concerns and challenges for this area.

We drive these roads, call Chicagoland home, and know what this metropolitan area and our families need to keep moving. When we work on your project, we work on our home. We are dedicated to this community and take building new, vital infrastructures in the city and suburbs personally.

Being Chicago born has allowed us to really tap into a network of wonderfully dedicated and diverse civil engineers…All coming from different backgrounds and with different levels of expertise.

Dedicated Problem Solvers

OMEGA is one of the largest construction engineering firms in the Chicagoland area.
Our dedicated team of construction engineers sets us apart from the crowd. We have unmatched ability to be nimble with boots locally on the ground, ready and able to go on site visits to solve issues, work hand-in-hand and face-to-face, and lend our expertise at a moment’s notice.

Life is easier when the solution to your project challenges are just a phone call away and right down the street. At OMEGA, we make sure we are never far from your project.

“Each OMEGA employee has a different set of experiences bringing them to where they are today. We have engineers who served in the public and private sectors and we have engineers who worked as contractors before coming on board at OMEGA. The vast array of experience and perspective gives us an advantage because every problem we are presented with allows us to collaborate and solve the problem faster and more efficiently.”
Dan Lowery, PE

Diverse Perspectives

“The wealth of knowledge I am surrounded by in this office is unlike anything I have experienced before and has helped me to quickly grow in my new role.”
Justin Weber, EIT

With engineers from all sectors of the industry, our diverse perspectives allow us to understand the needs of our clients because we’ve been in their shoes. Our team is lean and streamlined, but steeped with experience.

At OMEGA, you’ll have the opportunity to leverage some of the greatest minds in the civil engineering world and receive advice from the best. Our employees have an average of nearly 26 years of experience in the industry, which means that our deep bench and professional expertise will immediately benefit any project we take on.

customized teams

At OMEGA, we build incredible, customized teams for our clients’ unique and ground-breaking projects.

We understand one-size does not fit all and because of this, we ensure we choose the right people with the right skills and expertise for the job. For every project, the team is built from scratch to ensure we have balanced perspectives, the right experience, and the perfect combination of cross-specializations.

“No two projects are the same, which is why OMEGA hand selects the right people for the right job. Our leadership meticulously evaluates whose strengths are the best fit for the project, and we build a team around the needs of the project.”
Ryan Macander, PE


“Being reactive in this industry is not enough. You have to plan ahead and you have to think about what potential issues could arise. At OMEGA we use our experience to think ahead and solve those problems long before they ever become critical in the field."
construction management company leader
Mike Wiater, PE

OMEGA leverages our experience to solve issues before they happen. Our proactive team anticipates conflicts long before they hit the field, saving our clients time and money on expensive delays caused by unanticipated construction problems.

In the fast-paced, ever changing environment of transportation and construction, it is not enough to react. Predicting issues before they happen allows us to think through options, troubleshoot complications, and strategize the best route to get the results we want.