We believe in taking projects to the finish line seamlessly, while always remembering why we do what we do.

Our dedication to our clients not only shows in our commitment to get the job done, but also in our understanding of the communities we impact. It’s not enough to just “get the job done.” Communication is the key to success in all we do, and with every project we make it a priority to engage all stakeholders.

At the end of the day, our work is about connecting people. We know what we do here lasts longer than an eight-hour work day or forty-hour week. Our work means less time stuck in traffic. It means economic growth for more accessible communities. It means keeping Chicagoland and its residents moving.

As a Chicago-based company that started as a one-man firm and graduated to secure some of the largest contracts in Illinois, we are dedicated to this community and understand the needs of the Chicago-area transportation sector.

Our values drive us.​

“I was very happy at my last place of employment and never had any intention to leave. However, when I was approached with the opportunity to help oversee the $4 billion Central Tri-State widening and reconstruction project, I felt that I could not pass up that opportunity. While I have managed hundreds of construction projects in my career, this project presents many unique challenges. OMEGA has assembled an extremely talented, experienced and hard-working team that has and will continue to handle these challenges to exceed our client's expectations.”
Chris Kent, PE

At OMEGA, our core values are an essential part of who we are, what we do every day and how we do it. At OMEGA, we value:

Experience and Expertise

We’re steeped in experience and bring our specialized expertise to each project we touch.

Growth Mindset

Better and stronger. Our past projects and experience allow us to continue to grow, stretch and take on new challenges.

Collaboration and Communication

Our tight-knit team understands the importance of open communication. This is reflected in how we tackle each project.


New technology and a willingness to try a new way keeps us on the cutting edge.


As a firm based in Chicagoland, every employee has a voice, the opportunity to influence our work and make a real difference.

Results, Drive and Curiosity

We work hard, we’re curious and drive the results our clients expect.