Your Career

Is Built On Momentum

As an OMEGA engineer, you’ll build your career on a larger scale, maintaining momentum through the stability of long-term projects and major infrastructure. With a strong pride of ownership, your career will never slow. Because we know what movement means to you.

Movement means travel and commerce.
Movement means community and growth.
Movement means life.

At OMEGA, you’ll build the career that keeps you moving.

MEGA Projects

Mean Big Opportunity

OMEGA is the largest construction engineering consultant in the Chicago area.

As an engineer, you’ll build the very structures that millions of people depend on every day—from complex highway systems to major bridges. You’ll break away from the engineering pack and emerge at the forefront of the industry.

OMEGA Projects:

  • Circle Interchange Flyover
  • IL 59 at I-88 Diverging Diamond Interchange
  • I-90 Corridor
  • IL 47 at I-90 Interchange
  • Wacker Drive Viaduct
  • Fox River Bridge

You’ll also build your pride of ownership, expertise and client relationships. As you transform the world’s infrastructures from plan to reality, OMEGA’s management will work with you—seeking diverse field opportunities to maximize your experience. Create mega projects; build career momentum.