Your career

is built on momentum

As an OMEGA engineer, you’ll build your career on a larger scale, maintaining momentum through the stability of long-term projects and major infrastructure. With a strong pride of ownership, your career will never slow. Because we know what movement means to you.

Movement means travel and commerce.
Movement means community and growth.
Movement means life.

At OMEGA, you’ll build the career that keeps you moving.

Your ideas

drive our culture

Like your career, our company relies on momentum. Innovation is our infrastructure, and we always seek input from our engineers. Creative solutions—like a tablet in the hands of every engineer—keep us ahead of the pack, crafting better projects in a better way. As an OMEGA engineer, your ideas are not only appreciated: they’re the way we build.

Working at OMEGA I collaborate with an extremely knowledgeable team within a professional and rewarding working environment.  OMEGA makes every effort to place individuals within positions to enhance skills and advance career paths. It’s great to be part of an elite engineering leader in the Chicagoland region.

— Ryan Macander, PE