IDOT Projects

Circle Interchange Flyover

Ramp from Northbound Dan Ryan to Westbound Eisenhower, IDOT



OMEGA provided construction engineering services for the Illinois Department of Transportation’s $60 million project which included the construction of a new flyover ramp from the Northbound Dan Ryan Expressway (I-90/94) to the Westbound Eisenhower (I-290). The flyover includes a touchdown point in the vicinity of the I-290 mainline between Peoria Street and Green Street. The length of the improvement was 5,050 feet which includes the northwest flyover ramp and approaches. The overall length of the structure is approximately 2,075 feet.

The structure is comprised of 13 spans including 6 curved spans of steel plate girders. North of Harrison Street, the structure splits into two structures to also form the Eastbound I-290 ramp structure. The Flyover consists of two 12 foot lanes with shoulders on the inner and outer edges, generally 8 to 10 feet wide.  Piers are supported by drilled caissons up to 9 feet in diameter and steel H piles. The structure also includes aesthetic treatments on the proposed flyover walls as well as aesthetic fencing. Lighting was included on this project consisting of high mast tower lighting and conventional pole lighting.

This project also included temporary pavement for the gores and tie-ins and permanent pavement for the ramp approaches to the bridge. Four retaining walls were constructed including MSE walls with lightweight cellular fill and drilled soldier pile walls. Also included in the scope of work was roadway reconstruction, noise walls, water main, drainage, interstate lighting, ITS, signing, traffic control and protection, landscaping, aesthetic treatments and pavement markings and all incidental and collateral work necessary to complete the improvement.