Water Projects

Drexel Avenue

Sewer Improvement Project, CDWM



OMEGA provided construction engineering services for this sewer and storm water improvement project. The Drexel Avenue sewer main project consisted of replacing the existing sewer main on the residential block from 90th Street to 93rd Street, and on 93rd Street from S. Drexel Avenue to S. Ellis Avenue. Due to constant flooding and drainage issues in this area, it was critical to replace the overworked existing 12” VCP sewer main with a new larger diameter RCP sewer main. Also, due to the existing condition of the roadway, there was a need for a newly paved street for the residents.

The construction of the project included installation of 24” to 36” RCP sewer main in a 15’ deep trench that included the re-connection of all previously connected residential service drains, installation of precast sewer structures including catch basins, Type-A and Type-B manholes, connection of new 36” RCP sewer main into existing 8’ diameter brick sewer, and connection into existing sewer mains at all intersections. Also, the streets were restored with new curb and gutter, alley and driveway pavement, sidewalk, ADA sidewalk ramps, 7” and 9” base course, 2-1/4” HMA Binder Course, and 1-1/2” HMA Surface Course.