Tollway Projects

NSMJAWA Watermain Relocation

I-90 from the Elgin Toll Plaza to the Kennedy Expressway

CLIENT: Illinois Tollway


OMEGA was chosen by the Illinois Tollway to perform Construction Management Services for the relocation of the existing Northwest Suburban Municipal Joint Action Water Agency (NSMJAWA) transmission main which was located on the south side of the I-90 Right of Way from Elmhurst Road to west of Route 59. The NSMJAWA relocation contract began at Barrington Road and extended eastward to Elmhurst Road with work in eight major segments. This work was divided into three contracts, JAWA 1, the relocation of the majority of the water main which was in conflict with the proposed reconstruction project, JAWA 2A which was for a 90” hot tap into the existing 90” main east of Elmhurst Road, and JAWA 2B which was for the actual relocation of a portion of the existing 90” main between the hot tap and the existing mains west of Elmhurst Road.

The $55 million JAWA 1 contract consisted of the relocation of approximately 27,000 feet of prestressed concrete cylinder pipe in sizes ranging from 30” diameter to 60” diameter complete with valves and appurtenances at multiple locations along the I-90 Tollway ROW at a total of eight locations. Also included in this contract was the relocation of approximately 2,000 feet of 24” ductile iron water main and 2,000 feet of sanitary sewer relocation for the Village of Schaumburg.

JAWA 2A (the hot tap contract) had an approximate cost of $8 million and included a 90” pressure tap into the existing 90” feed coming from the O’Hare pumping station.

JAWA 2B had an approximate cost of $20 million and included the construction of a 90” PCCP relocated line from east of Elmhurst Road at the hot tap location to a point west of Elmhurst Road where it connects to the existing 72” that feeds both the northwest line and the south loop line. It also included a connection to the existing 72” for the south loop running along Elmhurst Road and a connection to the 60” northwestern transmission line along I-90.