Water Projects

Sewer Structure Rehabilitation (SSR)

Sewer Structure Lining and Repairs, CDWM



OMEGA provided project management and construction engineering services for this $20 million/year program for the Chicago Department of Water Management for over five years. The SSR program extended throughout the entire city, from the Central Business District to the southern limits of Hegewisch to Edison Park in the north. The program was divided into three main geographical areas – North/Central/South then further into individual grids. All catch basins, inlets, and manholes within these grids were either cleaned using high pressure washers and vacuum trucks, lined with a cementitious material, repaired, or replaced with new precast structures. Field data and work performed by the contractor was collected and entered into a cloud based mapping platform administered and managed by the City of Chicago.

Project coordination with CDWM and local Aldermen was necessary to minimize conflicts with other city projects such as water main replacement, streetscape, street resurfacing, utility improvements, and sewer cleaning.

2015 SSR

  • Eleven residential grids.
  • Lining of approximately 12,000 sewer structures (manholes, catch basins, and inlets).

2014 SSR

  • Eleven residential grids and various arterial streets.
  • Approximately 10,000 catch basins and manholes were cleaned and lined while repairing structures
    as well.

2013 SSR

  • Four residential grids and arterial streets.
  • Approximately 11,600 catch basins and manholes were lined while repairing structures when needed.

2012 SSR

  • Seven residential grids.
  • Approximately 10,600 catch basins and manholes were cleaned and lined. Repairs were also performed when needed.

2011 SSR

  • Arterial streets throughout the entire City
    of Chicago.
  • Catch basins were thoroughly cleaned out with vacuum trucks prior to applying a cementitious liner, while manholes were power washed prior to lining. Structures were also repaired/replaced when necessary.
  • 11,000 structures were lined.