Jane Byrne Interchange Reconstruction


Illinois Department of Transportation


Chicago, Illinois
According to the Federal Highway Administration, the Jane Byrne Interchange is the slowest and most congested highway freight bottleneck in the nation with more than 400,000 vehicles traveling through the Interchange on a daily basis, and more than 1,100 crashes reported on average per year.
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Project Scope

Built more than 50 years ago, the interchange has not undergone major rehabilitation since its initial construction and has reached the end of its engineering life. High traffic volumes, single lane ramps and tight curves make the interchange prone to congestion which causes it to operate under breakdown conditions for most of the day.

The $700 million Jane Byrne Interchange Reconstruction Project is expected to reduce traffic delays by 50%, save drivers five million hours annually, save 1.6 million gallons of fuel per year, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by one third. The proposed work will improve the interchange’s overall safety, capacity, and geometric deficiencies through removal and reconstruction/reconfiguration of all interchange ramps to provide additional lanes, wider shoulders, and larger curves.

The project presents many exciting and unique engineering challenges including maintaining traffic on three different interstates and working in a constricted downtown area around public transit, multiple bridges, and a City of Chicago pump station.

civil engineering firms
civil engineering firms

As part of this project, OMEGA provided or is currently providing construction engineering services for the following construction contracts:

  • Northwest Flyover Ramp connecting northbound I-90/94 to westbound I-290
  • Ramp north east connecting northbound I-90/94 to eastbound Ida B. Wells Drive
  • Ramp south east connecting southbound I-90/94 to eastbound Ida B. Wells Drive
  • Ramp west south connecting westbound Ida B. Wells Drive to southbound I-90/94
  • Ramp west north connecting westbound Ida B. Wells Drive to northbound I-90/94
  • Taylor Street Bypass Ramp from southbound I-90/94 to Taylor Street exit
  • Eastbound I-290 Bridge over I-90/94
  • Westbound mainline I-290 pavement between I-90/94 and Racine Avenue

The work includes the construction of new ramps and retaining walls, roadway and pavement approach reconstruction, special waste excavation, earth excavation and embankment, light weight cellular concrete fill, new storm and combined sewers, expressway lighting, Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) surveillance and camera installation, pavement markings, overhead sign structures and interstate signing, locating and bulkheading existing water tunnels, traffic control and protection, and air quality monitoring.

Awards: IDOT Consultant Exceptional Service Award, 2017

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