South Wolcott Avenue


Chicago Department of Water Managment


Chicago, Illinois
OMEGA provided construction engineering services for this sewer and storm water improvement project.

Project Scope

The Wolcott Avenue sewer main project consisted of replacing the existing sewer main on the residential block of N. Wolcott Avenue from W. Lawrence Avenue to W. Winnemac Avenue. The project location was a heavily populated area causing an over usage of the existing 15” VCP sewer main. This would cause constant backup into buildings and flooding of the street. 

Also, due to the existing sub-grade conditions, this location met the criteria to use a Pervious HMA as the final pavement. This helped reduce the amount of rainfall that runs into the sewer system by draining through the Pervious HMA and into the sand subgrade.


The construction included installation of 72” RCP sewer main in a 20’ deep trench. Two Earth Retention Systems were required at different intersections where the construction of the shafts consisted of H-Piles and wood lagging. The H-Piles had to be driven into the ground to a depth of up to 45’. Utilities such as gas mains, ComEd ducts and City electrical cables had to be maintained within the shaft, requiring skillful and cautious digging and construction of the shaft.