Utility Engineering Services

When projects change the landscapes of our communities, major utility work is almost a guarantee. While some take utility engineering for granted, OMEGA understands that successful planning and coordination of utility relocations is crucial to avoiding unexpected utility encounters during construction, in turn eliminating costly and time-consuming project delays.

utility engineering services

Skilled & Experienced

OMEGA provides professional assistance to private and public utility companies, municipalities, counties and government agencies in subsurface investigations, utility planning, program management, utility relocation and construction management.

We have a skilled team of experienced professional engineers and technical staff members to perform any utility project regardless of size or complexity.

Utility Relocation Planning and Program Management 
OMEGA’s staff of professional engineers and technical personnel have experience in providing designs which aim to minimize the impact of utility relocations. In many cases utility relocation cannot be avoided. OMEGA’s staff is prepared to advise and provide cost effective alternative solutions that meet the needs of the client. 

Construction Engineering and Management Services 
OMEGA has extensive construction engineering and construction management experience, including work plans for construction activities above or adjacent to utilities. The work plans establish construction activity procedures and equipment crossing restrictions to ensure safety of workers and the public during construction. 


Utility Locating Services 
OMEGA has provided comprehensive utility locating services on transportation projects of all sizes for the Illinois Tollway, Illinois Department of Transportation, county transportation agencies and municipalities utilizing the following methods: 

Historical drawings (Level D) 

  • Utility atlas sheets 
  • As-built utility drawings 
  • Record utility drawings 
  • Roadway design plans 


Non-ground penetrating surveys (Level C) 

  • Professional surveyors on staff 
  • Topographic surveys 
  • Utility field surveys 
  • Property surveys 
  • Right-of-way surveys 
  • Plats and legal descriptions 


Subsurface investigations (Level A/B) 

  • Potholing and survey 
  • Vacuum excavation 
  • Exploration trenching